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Nogales Unified honors first outstanding teacher for new school year
Posted on 10/01/2018
Ellen Woodburn

Nogales Unified School District recognized Francisco de Vasquez Elementary teacher Ellen Woodburn at the governing board meeting Sept. 24, 2018.

“It is very fitting that Mrs. Woodburn was selected as the first teacher to be honored this year,” said Supt. Fernando Parra. “She works with our second-language learners and creates an environment where they feel safe, where they feel great about themselves, and where they develop self-esteem,” he added.

Woodburn, currently a fifth grade teacher, has been an educator for 22 years. “I am honored to be recognized for doing what I love to do.  I have amazing support starting with the parents,” she said, adding that she was hired by former Coronado principal Annette Barber.

Although her assignment is with second-language learners, the academic achievement of those students exceeds state averages for all students, Parra said. He noted that 60 percent of her students scored proficient or above in the English Language Arts portion of the AzMerit state exam and 58 percent in the math portion of that test.

Supt. Parra and NUSD started a tradition of honoring outstanding educators and students two years ago by presenting them to the governing board and highlighting their achievements.